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What We Do


To institutionalize One Health initiative involving relevant stakeholders

To strengthen surveillance system for prioritized zoonoses, foodborne diseases and AMR

To strengthen joint outbreak investigation and response for prioritized zoonoses and foodborne diseases including AMR issues

To promote collaborative research activities for prioritized zoonotic, food-borne diseases and AMR

The Inter-Ministerial Committee for One Health (IMCOH)

The IMCOH is responsible to make policy decisions and guide respective agencies on One Health activities based on the recommendations provided by the National One Health Technical Committee (NOHTC) and National AMR Technical Committee (NATC).

Roles and Responsibilities of IMCOH Members

  • Make policy decisions for the implementation of One Health Strategy and NAAP;
  • Approve the recommendations submitted by the National One Health Technical Committee and National AMR Technical Committee;
  • Mobilize resources for implementation of One Health activities as recommended by NOHTC TWG and NATC;

Roles and Responsibilities of the One Health Secretariat

The OH secretariat will function as the secretariat for Inter-ministerial Committee for One Health (IMCOH);

Facilitate mainstreaming and institutionalizing One Health Program in Bhutan;

Coordinate and drive development of national OH agenda;

Coordinate and drive implementation of OH activities;

Coordinate and organize meetings, conferences and workshops;

Mobilize fund for implementation of OH activities;

Promote collaborative research and capacity building on One Health activities;

Coordinate and liaise with national, regional and international OH network and organization;

Develop and maintain One Health webpage for information sharing;

Monitor and evaluate implementation of OH activities; and

Publish one health activity progress reports.